Work Boundaries With Your Spouse


One of my clients asked me this question & I wanted to share my answer with you too!

Q: Ariel how do you set boundaries with your husband when you want to work on your business but he expects you spend time with him?

A: This has been an ongoing process for us because I am a total introvert and need to have quiet to think. He can bounce from thing to thing. So for him, asking me a quick question is no big deal, but for me it's a big F-ing deal lol. For us it's not about....he expects me to spend time with him. It's more that he know THIS is my passion and my purpose in the world. He also knows it's how I contribute AND that I'm doing what other people won't do (go and go until I have what I want) so that we can have the life we want. So if I need to work he says -- ok baby, you do you.

My point in explaining all of that was that for us it's a different REASON for the boundary. But it's taken time and communication to come to the understanding of WHAT the boundary actually is when I'm working and WHY it's important for both of us that he respects that.

If your husband wants you to spend time with him and you need to work on your business, I'd do a couple things.

1. Have set business hours and set spend-time-with-him hours so that it's very clear to him what is what.

2. Explain to him WHY this is so important to you and what your plan is. I'd include tangibles. Men love things they can hold on to. (yes, pun intended) Give him the financial goals you want to hit. Give him the vision you have for the next 90 days and WHAT that actually means for your partnership and family.

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3. Believe in yourself. That sounds cheesy here, BUT when you have faith in what you're telling him, he'll have faith in you and start to respect what you're doing...EVEN if you aren't making the profit that you want to be yet.

Those are my recommendations!! Amazing question. 
xoxo Ariel

P.S. Here's what my hubby had to add...
"Always make sure you have everything planned out too and you get all the questions you have answered before your partner starts working so that way you don’t bother them with stupid questions."