Your Sales Just Stopped?? 😱Watch this.


If you missed this live stream, you'll definitely want to hop on this replay, real quick! I'm talking about the biggest challenge I see that stops momentum (dip in sales, dead halt in clients) and what to do about it!

Want to know if this 30 minutes will be worthwhile??

Obviously, it will be!! 😜Just in case though, check out my notes from the live stream.

Ariel's Secret Notes
The Biggest Challenge I see that stops momentum (dips in sales, dead halt in clients) and what to do about it!

THE THING: Your mind not being made up about selling and selling until you meet your goal. 

Reasons it happens:
>> Not believing in your own work 

  1. Focusing on the one client who left or the one hate email or the one client who didn't get results. They probably didn't go all in with something.

  2. Haven't really looked at why it's unique or why it works.

>> Wavering (what if this, what about that, what will people think)

  1. Is this strategy going to work better than that one

  2. What is so-and-so going to think

  3. I need to be clearer on my ideal client before I market -- even though I've done 100 worksheets about my avatar. 

>> Allowing the thoughts to take over that say it's not possible -- from past programing. 
Things like a strong why -- JUST A TOOL to get you to BELEIF 

  1. You decide your thoughts. 

  2. What are you consuming? Decide.

  3. Affirm, journal -- do the things to get your belief into THIS IS WHAT'S HAPPENING.


We are magnets walking around -- when your thoughts and energy are on something (aka belief) it is attracted to you AND you get ideas of what to take action on that help also attract it to you.

xx Ariel
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